Python Matplotlib Tutorial

Python Matplotlib Tutorial – Mastery in Matplotlib Library

Python Matplotlib Tutorial

After complication of python NumPy Tutorial and python pandas tutorial. Now, we jump on the python matplotlib tutorial to become a master in it.

What is python matplotlib?

Matplotlib is a 2D and 3D graph plotting python library. It also supports to create animations and images. This is an advanced part of python matplotlib

Using python matplotlib, you can draw a different graph like below:

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Python Matplotlib Tutorial

Why use matplotlib?

As a machine learning engineer or data scientist, data analysis is a part of model development.  Looking numeric data, you can’t get correct insights. So the best way to plot a graph using that data and take a decision for further process. Data visualization is a process take after the data cleaning.

History of matplotlib

The American neurologist John D. Hunter (1968 – 2012), wanted to draw some graph regarding their project. This was the main reason to develop matplotlib python graph plotting library. The matplotlib has written in the Python programming language. As initially, It had been released in 2003. Now, matplotlib is the popular graph plotting library.

For more details, jump on the official site of matplotlib.

John D. Hunter
John D. Hunter


Dependency of Matplotlib

The matplotlib is depended on some third-party python library like NumPy.

Download and Install Matplotlib

The matplotlib installation process is very simple. If you are using Anaconda Navigator, then no need to install matplotlib. If you are using Python idle, PyCharm, Sublime Text, etc, then follow the below steps.

Open the command prompt or terminal and enter

pip install matplotlib

and press Enter key to download and install matplotlib. The pip is a package, which installs the matplotlib python library.

Importing Matplotlib

For plotting graph, need to import matplotlib in the python file. Here is two way to import matplotlib given below.

from matplotlib import pyplot as plt # importing pyplot module from matplotlib library
# or
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt #  importing pyplot module from 

In the above code, we import the pyplot module from matplotlib for plot the graphs, like histogram, bar chart, pie plot, etc.

The official study material for matplotlib

Matplotlib Tutorial – click here


I hope, you followed the python matplotlib tutorial and did practical. I am suggesting to you, try to use all the parameters of each method for a better understanding.

After completion of the matplotlib tutorial jump on python seaborn tutorial. It is advance python data visualization library build on top of the matplotlib.

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