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Write World’s Best Resume – 10 Techniques Explained Step By Step

The Best Resume is the first step to getting an interview call. If your CV is not an eye catchy then the recruiter rejects it within a second. So in your mind, one question will arise that is how to write the best resume to get better calls to get better jobs?

In this blog and video, I will show you how to write the best resume to get can call from Tire 1, Tire 2, and Tire 3 companies.

At the end of this blog, you will get multiple templates of the world’s best resume in Image, PDF, and MS PowerPoint formats free of cost.

Note: This resume template is designed for Freshers and Experience Data Scientists but you can use it for all job positions, just edit the information in the given templates at end of this blog.

Parts of Best Resume

Best Resume is divided into 10 parts, which will be explained in detail shortly.

Name with Designation

Your full name should be top of your CV. Example “Elon Musk”. It will help the interviewer to call you. Along with your name you should mention your dream job designation if you are fresher or if you are an experienced candidate then write your current position.


Always tell to recruiter about yourself at top of the CV in short. Don’t write your history. Just tell about your experience and on which technology have you worked and your strength within 2 to 3 lines, max 4 lines.


If recruiters are interested in your resume then they try to reach out to you by mobile phone or email. mostly they contacted by calling. So mention it in. Also mention your LinkedIn account link. It will help them to understand your overall experience from LinkedIn. Your location also matters to a recruiter to select your resume because if you are nearest to the company location then most likely you will join this company.


It is most important for fresher. So start with the latest education and at the end the old one. Mostly write you your education in descending order like Ph.D. then Master’s then Bachelor’s and Intermediate. If your college is popular then add the college name otherwise university name is better. And pass out year with marks if it is better otherwise leave it.


Certificates are not that much important to experience candidates but for fresher yes. At the end, your knowledge has a higher weightage, not certificates. A certificate is a piece of paper it can not decide your future!!! Try to add a certificate link to your resume.


The most important part of your resume is skills. Without skills, no one can hire you for the job. Whenever a recruiter sees your resume first focus on your skills. If the required skills are in your resume then they focus on other parts of it. Otherwise mostly they can reject you. So try to add as much of skills to your resume.

Pro-tip is, If you don’t have the skill which is in the job post still add it to your resume then learn it.


If you are an experienced candidate then just don’t add the company name and years of experience. You should add your designation, and joining date to till or exit date of the companies. Mention your client name which will give a weightage if your company has no confidentiality issue.

Then mention your project with the project name, project aim, and your roles and responsibility. It is applicable to all companies where you have worked till present.


If you are fresher then just mention your project. Try to add a minimum of 4 projects with respective multiple domains or applications or problems. It totally depends on your field. Explained it by project name, aim, and project description. Highlight some keywords which show your talent, skills, innovation, and efforts.


Achievements add extra weight to your resume. Whatever you have achieved in your life try to mention it. First, try to add an achievement that directly correlates to your future job.


Language is important if your job mostly bases on communication type work. Like selling products, marketing, telecommunication, etc. Most jobs required the English language then it depends on the job, you should know the regional language of the company where you are going to work because most of the employees of that company came from that region.

Extra Curricular Activity

Apart from your experience, and projects you can add your hobbies, and your other work if you have written blogs then add, your YouTube channel or social activities if the paper or patent is published or going to publish then add it.

Keywords In Resume are Important

I am sharing the secret of the HR or talent acquisition team. If they have an opening for an XYZ position then they collect skills from technical teams because HR is not an expert in technology. Then they search for each and every skill in your CV . If 90% or 100% of skills are not present in your resume they normally reject it.

So, your job is to add all those skills to your CV which is required for this particular position. Don’t worry if you know those skills or not before adding them to your CV. After adding try to learn it because, in a technical interview, the interviewer might be asked about those skills.

Now a day most of talent acquisition teams use tools to get a better resume and those tools are based on keywords.

Resume Text Font Size & Styles

Text font and style are very very important. If it is not consistent then it will show unformal behavior. Below explained the fond size of each block of the resume in pixels.

  • Name: Bold with 28 px
  • Designation: 16 px
  • Title: 14 px
  • Company name & Designation: Bold with 12 px
  • Description: 11 px

The style of text should be formal not fancy. Like Calibri or Arial.

Resume Page Size

Mostly we use an A4 size resume format because we print it on a hard copy to showcase it to the recruiter. It is good practice to design your CV in A4 size page format or design.

Resume Background and Text Color

In the early days, people are using black-and-white resumes because they were mostly going to interviews physical so they were printing them on paper. But nowadays we are giving interviews online so we just send a softcopy of our resume.

So it’s your choice to design your CV as per your imagination but keep in mind it should look formal not fancy. The color of the resume should be calm and not irritating to the interviewer. As per the background use text color which gives better readability.

I mostly use gray or dark blue colors for the background and white and black for text. You can refer below CVformat for a better understanding.

File Format of Resume

You can design your resume or CV (Curriculum Vite) in any software but try to export it in PDF file format. PDF file format CV is easy to share with a recruiter, HR, Talent Acquisition team, or Hiring Manager.

The PDF resume format is compact and light weighted to share and secure the styles.

What is the Best Page Size for a Resume

There is no restriction to writing your CV in fewer pages. But 1 or 2 pages resume is better to review it by recruiters or HR. If you are an experienced person then as per your work you can increase the page size but still try to cover it in a few pages.

Worlds Best Resume Format

Experience Resume Format Template

Fresher Resume Format Template

Download 7 Resume Format Template


Try to showcase your talent to recruiters or convince them by your resume you are the best candidate for this job position. No one can do work like you to grow the company.

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