Bangalore House Price Prediction Machine Learning Project till Deployment

Bangalore House Price Prediction App: Click Here In the Machine Learning/Data Science End to End Project in Python Tutorial in Hindi, we explained each and every step of Machine Learning Project / Data Science Project in detail. Project name: Bangalore house price prediction machine learning project Project Prerequisites Steps of Machine Learning Project Project Journey Start Project Demo How to...
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linear regression algorithm

Linear Regression Machine Learning Algorithm

In this ML course tutorial, we are going to learn the "Linear Regression Machine Learning Algorithm in detail. we covered Simple Linear regression and Multiple Linear regression supervised regression learning algorithm by practical and theoretical intuition. # Business Problem - Predict the Price of Bangalore House #Using Linear Regression - Supervised Machine Learning Algorithm ### Load...
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Machine Learning Project End to End: Student Mark Prediction

This is an end-to-end Machine Learning/Data Science Project. We start the project from business problems to deployment on the cloud. Student Mark Prediction - Complete Machine Learning Project Prerequisites •10th ( Pass / Failed) •Should Know Hindi •Typing •Not need to install S/W •Need Gmail ID •Mobile or Laptop Machine Learning Projects Gurney We covered all the below steps in this...
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House Price Prediction - Kaggle Competition - ML Project

ML Project: House Prices Prediction Advanced Regression Techniques | Kaggle Competition

In this project, we are going to predict the price of a house using its 80 features. Basically we are solving the Kaggle Competition. Follow the “House Prices Prediction: Advanced Regression Techniques End to End Project” step by step to get 3 Bonus.1. Raw Dataset2. Ready to use Clean Dataset for ML project 3. Full Project in Jupyter Notebook File house-prices-advanced-regression-techniques...
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ML Project: Breast Cancer Detection Using Machine Learning Classifier

Breast cancer is a dangerous disease for women. If it does not identify in the early-stage then the result will be the death of the patient. It is a common cancer in women worldwide. Worldwide near about 12% of women affected by breast cancer and the number is still increasing. The doctors do not identify each and every breast cancer patient. That's the reason Machine Learning Engineer / Data...
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Directing Customers To Subscription Through App Behaviour Machine Learning Project

ML Project: Directing Customers to Subscription Through Financial App Behavior Analysis

In this Machine Learning end to end project, we are working on financial application data and predict the customer who will take a premium version app subscription or not. Then the company will take action on the customers to give the offers or not. The data contain the customer's behavior and our job to find the insights from it. To complete this project, we use python programming and it's...
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