Python Seaborn Tutorial

Python Seaborn Tutorial – Mastery in Seaborn Library

If you are working on data and try to find out insights from it. Then data visualization is the best way for that Python seaborn library is the best choice. Now, you are wondering about matplotlib because it also uses of data visualization. Don’t worry, we will discuss it later.

Why learn Seaborn & Who can?

If you want to become a Machine learning engineer, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, etc. Then you should learn Python seaborn Library.

Because they work on data to solve the business problem for that data visualization is the best process to move further.

What is Python Seaborn Library?

Seaborn is a Python library for data visualization builds on top of the matplotlib Python library.

It means that you are working on python programming and want to plot some graphs then seaborn will help to do this task. It built using the matplotlib library use for the same.

It is specially used for statistical graphics. Means, you have some numeric types of data and want to analyze it using statistics then seaborn will help to draw data in a statistics way.

Seaborn Vs Matplotlib

If you know about matplotlib. It also uses for data visualization. So, in your mind, multiple questions will arrive and it’s natural because of seaborn works the same.

But seaborn smatter than the matpotlib and plot graphs beautiful with less coding. You can do the same work with matplotlib but it is difficult because it has no such built-in function.

Don’t confuse with it. If you want to draw a boxplot according to your requirements then find who is the best for it. If seaborn then use it or matplotlib. Here is your choice depends on you.

Python Seaborn Graphics

Using seaborn data visualization library plot below graphics.

What are the Dependencies of the Seaborn Library?

Before use python seaborn in your system, some s/w and libraries must installed. like

How to Install Seaborn?

Follow the below command in terminal or command prompt if you have installed any Python IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

pip install seaborn

If you have installed anaconda then no need to install seaborn but while using it some error occur regarding seaborn installation then follow bellow command in anaconda prompt.

conda install seaborn

After successful installation, now your system is ready to use python seaborn.

How to Import Seaborn?

It is easy to import the seaborn library if you have installed its dependency and any python IDE. Follow the bellow syntax in IDE.

import seaborn as sns

import = it is keyword load seaborn package

seaborn = name of python seaborn library

as =it is also keyword help to give short name (sns) to seaborn.

sns = It is a short name given to the seaborn library, you can give any name instead of it but the best short name is sns. Because it uses globally.

Note: Before importing seaborn import matplotlib because most of the matplotlib built-in function help to decorate it’s graph. If you are loading dataset then also import numpy and pandas as given bellow code snipest.

import numpy as np # for numeric calculation
import pandas as pd # for data analysis
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt # for data visualization

import seaborn as sns # for data visualization


In Python Seaborn Tutorial blog learns each and everything about data visualization library Seaborn. Try to do dirty hands with practical for the best results and any doubt then let us know in a comment. We will try to give a response as soon as possible.

Official website of Seaborn => Click here

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