Create Sparse Tensor using TensorFlow 2.0 Python Tutorial

What is Sparse Tensor? Tensor that contain mostly zero values are called sparse tensor. When working with tensors that contain a lot of zero values, it is important to store them in a space- and time-efficient manner. Sparse tensors enable efficient storage and processing of tensors that contain a lot of zero values.Sparse tensors are used extensively in encoding schemes like TF-IDF as part of...
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Create TensorFlow Placeholder using TensorFlow 2.X Python Tutorial

A TensorFlow placeholder is simply a variable that we will assign data to at a later date. It allows us to create our operations and build our computation graph, without needing the data. Syntax: tf.compat.v1.placeholder(dtype, shape=None, name=None) How to Use TensorFlow Placeholder In TensorFlow 2.X How Migrate your TensorFlow 1 code to TensorFlow 2 """ Video: Create TensorFlow Placeholder...
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tensorflow variable

How to Create variable in TensorFlow 2.x Tutorial

The Variable() constructor requires an initial value for the variable, which can be a Tensor of any type and shape. This initial value defines the type and shape of the variable. After construction, the type and shape of the variable are fixed. The value can be changed using one of the assign methods. Syntax: tf.Variable(initial_value=None, trainable=None, validate_shape=True,...
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Create Constant Tensor using TensorFlow 2.0 Python Tutorial

In TensorFlow 2.0 Python Tutorial in Hindi, We will Learn about the TensorFlow Programming element to build Constant Tensor using tf.constant() In this tutorial going to cover: What is constant in TensorFlow?What is TF constant?How do you print a constant in TensorFlow?Is TF constant trainable? tf.constant(): Creates a constant tensor from a tensor-like object. Syntax: tf.constant(value,...
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