Machine Learning Project End to End: Student Mark Prediction

This is an end-to-end Machine Learning/Data Science Project. We start the project from business problems to deployment on the cloud. Student Mark Prediction - Complete Machine Learning Project Prerequisites •10th ( Pass / Failed) •Should Know Hindi •Typing •Not need to install S/W •Need Gmail ID •Mobile or Laptop Machine Learning Projects Gurney We covered all the below steps in this...
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Feature Scaling Standardization and normalization

Feature Scaling – Standardization vs Normalization Explain in Detail

What is Feature Scaling? •Feature Scaling is a method to scale numeric features in the same scale or range (like:-1 to 1,  0 to 1). •This is the last step involved in Data Preprocessing and before ML model training. •It is also called as data normalization. •We apply Feature Scaling on independent variables. •We fit feature scaling with train data and transform on train and test data....
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