How To Get Minimum Value From Tensors In TensorFlow?

In TensorFlow 2.0 Python Tutorial, We will Learn about the TensorFlow Math Module tf.minimum() function. We will learn how to calculate the minimum values from tensors in TensorFlow using tf.minimum() function. tf.minimum() : Returns the minimum value by comparing of x and y (i.e. x > y ? x : y) element-wise.It works with list, tuple, scaler, Numpy arraytf...
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Create Sparse Tensor using TensorFlow 2.0 Python Tutorial

What is Sparse Tensor? Tensor that contain mostly zero values are called sparse tensor. When working with tensors that contain a lot of zero values, it is important to store them in a space- and time-efficient manner. Sparse tensors enable efficient storage and processing of tensors that contain a lot of zero values.Sparse tensors are used extensively in encoding schemes like TF-IDF as part of...
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