Label Encoding vs Ordinal Encoding | Categorical Variable Encoding

Machine Learning algorithm cant work on categorical data so we have to encode categorical variables in a numerical format and in this blog we working on Label Encoding and Ordinal Encoding.

Below is Jupyter Notebook file to download with practical and prime video tutorial link.

What is Ordinal Variables?

Ordinal variables are categorical variables in which the categories can be meaningfully ordered.

When the ordinal variable convert into the number then it has mathematical value.

Ex. Rating of product

What is Nominal Variables?

Nominal variable is same like ordinal  variable but there is nothing that indicates an intrinsic order of the labels and in principle.

All labels are equal no order.

No mathematical value

Ex. Colour: Red, Green, White, Black

Label Encoding vs Ordinal Encoding

Label Encoding apply on ordinal and nominal categorical variables.

Ordinal Encoding apply on ordinal categorical variables.

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